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SMART pH 2016



  • The new SmartpH has being designed with ease-of-use and reliability in mind.
  • Minimum 48hrs recording time with single AAA battery
  • Graphical LCD
  • Single Smart-Nav switch for setup and event logging
  • Mini SD Flash memory
  • Bluetooth PC connection – for data download
  • LOS Locator – view pressure channel on Graphical LCD

Full PC-based analysis software. Bluetooth data download.

Full automatic analysis, including Frequency Distribution:

Circadian Reflux

Infant Graph




Operating temperature: 15°C to 45°C

Storage Temperature: -40°C to 70ºC

Storage Relative humidity: 10% to 100%

Storage Atmospheric pressure: 700 to 1060 hPa

pH Input

4 Channels, Std. RJ45 connector.

Pressure Input



Analog to Digital Converter

Sampling rate: from 1 sample per 5 sec, up to 8

samples per sec.

Default values: LOS Mode : 4 samples per sec

Record Mode : 1 sample per 5 sec.

LCD screen

Resolution: 84x48 pixels

Colour depth: B&W

Study record memory

Maximum study record duration: >8 days at

1 sample per sec, 4 pH channels.

Memory type: Flash


Standard Bluetooth® Class II interface.

Fully Bluetooth® V1.1 std. compliant.

Frequency range: FHSS / 2.402 ~2.480 GHz

Radiated RF Power: 2mW (3dBm)

Sensitivity: -85dBm for BER 10-3

Distance range: <20m (depending on environment).

Power :

One single standard 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery

Estimated battery life: >8 days continuous recording.

Internal backup system capacity: >10 minutes without battery.


H x L x W: 111.5 x 70.6 x 25.8 mm

Weight: 150g including battery and lanyard.

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